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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marble cake - Air fryer

Who do not like cakes? Cakes are important for every occasion to celebrate. If there is no occasion, let's bake a cake to celebrate the baking! 

Me and my hubby are fond of cakes. We used to buy cakes, I mean sponge cake without the cream. We eat a lot like for breakfast. I tried making cake in cooker , oven. It was a total failure for me. So I lost interest in baking. At present I don not have an oven. I have an air fryer. I tried baking in it. It's very easy and simple to bake cakes in airfryer.

Ingredients :

Maida / all purpose flour - 150 gms 
Sugar - 150 gms
Butter melted - 100 gms
Vanilla essence - 2 tsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Milk - 30 ml
Eggs - 2
Nutella - 1 tsp

Method :

In a vessel, add the butter and sugar and beat well using a hand mixer.
Once they become creamy, add the eggs into it and beat it until it becomes fluffy and blended well.
Add the milk and vanilla essence to this mixture and mix again.
Mix the maida and baking powder together and the flour mixture to the wet mixture. Blend well until the batter consistence is achieved.
In a small cup , take a spoon of Nutella and add 2 spoons of the batter to the Nutella and mix nicely.
Grease the pan or baking tray in which you are going to bake.
Pour half of the white batter.
Add the chocolate batter on top of it. Again add the remaining white batter .

Using a skewer or tooth pick, draw the design and mix the batter for the marble effect.

Preheat the fryer, at 160 degrees for 5 mins.
Place the pan inside thee air fryer and set the timer to 25 mins at 160 degrees. Check if it's done using a skewer by inserting it. 
When it comes clean without the batter sticking. It's done.

Tasty moist marble cake is ready to cut!

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