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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review on " The Pasta Bar Veneto - Cafe Restaurant "

The Pasta bar Veneto is a Chain of Signature Italian Cafe Restaurants, The Pasta Bar Veneto serves delectable Italian cuisine at unlike Italian prices. Passionately made from real ingredients, the dishes are indeed a treat to your taste buds. Dine in to discover the difference.
At present they serve in Chennai, Coimbatore, Ludhiana and Pondicherry.

My review:
After seeing/hearing so much about them, I decide to visit the restaurant. TNagar outlet was nearest to me. This is situated on Burkit road. It was jaw dropping as soon as I entered .Amazing ambience with beautiful interiors and especially their wall of fame loaded with awards. Beautiful lights, wonderful interiors, friendly service, calm and mild music added beauty to the restaurant. Thats what I have to say for the place.Now lets go for the food! The actual thingy..

The restaurant has a quaint neighborhood cafe feel. The menu is quite extensive with lots of choices to choose from for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It takes a while to pronounce those names though.
My Favorite have been Pizza but wanted to go for Pasta today. I ordered for a vegetarian Pasta for my mom and chicken Pasta for myself, Veg Pizza and few drinks to accompany the Italian dishes. For dessert I had no doubts and Tiramisu was there on my table in a bit to complete our dining experience. I made myself clear to remember their menu name and dishes that I tried.

  • Veg Pasta – Arrabiata
       Tomato based pasta with vegetables like olives tomato capsicum.

  • Chicken Pasta – Bolognese Chicken

       Minced chicken and tomato sauce
  •  Veg Pizza - Diavolo
       The pizza had all the veggies with generous cheese.

  • Tiramisu: It was so creamy and beautiful. I could not wait to eat it. As soon as I saw, I grabbed it rather than waiting to take a picture of it. Not to be missed.

I had kept a lot more dishes on my mind to have in future that includes
• Tomato Bruschetta
• Cheese Jalapenos
• BBQ Chicken Pizza
• Italian Wings
• Chicken Spaghetti

Can't wait to visit again and yes surely a must for all the Italian lovers of Chennai.

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