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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Aubergine fritters / kathrikkai bajji

Hi all , starting the day with a yummilicious starter for all the veggie lovers. This fritter is made with the aubergine which is the big eggplant or the brinjal. generally, we used to make bajji with brinjal by using besan flour. This fritter has a twist in the mixture and I love the taste of it so much. I am not sure though, how many of you would like this taste. Do give it a try. My Mom and grand Mom used to make this in ordinary brinjal. Once I had this fritter in a restaurant. I fell in love with this. Of course I found the batter that they used as a foodie, it's all in the game. Going to the recipe now.



Aubergine ( big eggplant ) - 1
Dosa batter ( sour one will give better taste)- 1 cup
Besan flour - 3-4 tsp
Chilly powder - one tsp

Method :

Cut the Aubergine into small wedges.
In a bowl, take the dosa batter, add chilly powder, besan flour, salt( add little for the vegetable , since the batter will have salt) and mix nicely. Do not add water, the consistency will become watery.
Heat oil in a pan, once it is hot. Start to fry the fritters.
Take the pieces of wedges and dip in the batter and fry it until crisp.
It will be very crispy as we have added besan flour also.


Crispy and crunchy aubergine fritters ready!

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