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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Walnut mini muffins - air fryer

Hi all,

 After nearly 4 months , started writing. For the past four months have been very lazy and lethargic to even cook as my parent in laws and parents. I sited us and again I went on a vacation. Now I am back to my den. Happily relaxed and no much cooking, no work At all . 

Now it's my turn to go back to my work, so just started the blogging too today. I am motivating myself to write regularly. Please do motivate me by your encouraging comments and feedback.

Today I am sharing a simple muffin recipe. You can make any changes that you want to make. I ,add these for my kid's class party on her last day of school. Hope you all like it.

Ingredients :

All purpose flour - 115 gms
Butter - 100 gms
Sugar / powdered sugar - 115 gms
Eggs -2
Baking powder -1tsp
Salt - a pinch
Milk - if needed
Walnuts powdered or crushed - 1 cup
Vanilla Essence -2 tsp

Method :

In a mixing bowl , mix the bitter and sugar with a hand mixer until it becomes fluffy and frothy.
Add the eggs to and beat well.
Add the vanilla Essence and pulse it quickly.
Now at all the dry ingredients together. apf , baking powder, salt ,crushed walnuts.
Mix nicely until it's mixed well into a cake batter. If it's too thick sprinkle little milk and beat the batter.
Once done. Pour the batter into moulds whichever you have.
Sprinkle some crushed walnuts on TOP for crunchy feel.

I have used silicon moulds which I had.
I am using air fryer to bake. Preheat the airfryer for 5 mins at 200 degrees.
Place the cups inside the baking tray of the fryer and close it and set the temperature to 200 or even 180 deg for 10 mins. Check with a tooth pick or skewer if it's done by pricking .if nothing sticks to it , the cake is baked.
If it comes out wet, give 2 more mins standby time for it to to bake well.

Walnut mini muffins are soft and so fluffy.

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