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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

French toast roll ups

Once upon a time, my mom used to make this French toast ,when I used to mouth waterin its smell. One of the tastiest recipe in bread I would say. Love to eat it often as I like sweets. Soft and sweet version of bread who wouldn't like.i hope there are lot of French toast lovers here. This recipe is a twist of the French toast. It's just not French toast. These roll ups can be made with lot of variations. By adding strawberries inside. I have made by adding Nutella inside. Chocolate French toast roll ups, yum isn't it?

Recipe :

Ingredients :

Bread - 6
Milk - 1/2cup
Egg - 1
Sugar - needed
Nutella - 6 spoons

Method :

In a bowl add milk, egg and sugar and whisk everything together.
Take the bread slices one by one. With the rolling pin, press the bread slices once.
I did not cut the sides. If you do not like or to maintain softness crop it off.
Take the Nutella in spoon and apply on the bread. Roll the bread sand it would stick on its own.  
Dip the rolled breads in the egg milk mixture.
Heat a Tawa, place the roll ups and cook on all sides. If necessary add oil on the sides.

Yummy , tasty French toast roll ups ready for your breakie .

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