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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My anjarai petti / My Spice box

Whats inside my Anjara Petti?? One of my dear friend Divya Pramil from you too can cook Indian food , had tagged me in a post. I totally forgot about the tag. She had asked me to disclose the items in my spice box. Yesterday I got reminded of it. 
Here it is.

Sorry Divya , for the delay.

First Item:

Second Item:

Third Item:

 Fourth Item:

 Fifth Item:

This box will be available in each and every house, a very useful box to save space and handy.
Thats my kiddos hands, she cannot resist in pulling the box and shattering it all over. Somehow, managed to take a snap. LOL


  1. I remember this post Jiya, you got a great memory you posted... hmmm i haven't... good one dear

    Cook like Priya

    1. Thanks Priya... I do have a grt mempry, victim is my hubby. Ask him, he will tell a lot of stories abt my memory...hehe

  2. haha jillu ur spice box is lovely here. i dont hv tht big spice box and all is messed up

    Mysore pak

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    1. Thanks Meeena.... Everybody's will b messed up

  3. so pretty cute spice box...

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  4. Lovely spice box dear. Can recall the post of Divya right now.......

    Today's recipe:


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