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Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to blogging after the celebations !

Hi all,

Missed blogging though.. But I have been really busy in celebrating my baby's 2nd birthday and our third anniversary. We celebrated by going for a small holiday. So I could not prepare anything at home. For my baby's birthday, I made sweet. I do not own an oven so could not bake anything.

So I just made Bombay Karachi Halwa . Recipe from Vah Chef and Fried gram Ladoo..Recipe of both coming soon...

Both the god's gift, Love You Both a lot !!


  1. aww happy birthday to ur baby

    hey those two dishes look really good

    awaiting their recipes

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  2. I love Karachi Halwa... and his looks tempting, am sure you enjoyed having it as much making it.

    Glad to follow you , do post such recipes again :)


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