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Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Strawberries - Edible Santa

Strawberry is back. In this christmas season, its so beautiful to make Santa dolls using Strawberries. It looks really cute. There are various ideas for making santa with strawberry. Using Whipping cream, or cream with vanilla, with marsh mallows. You can also create ideas. I made it using marsh mallows. Merry Xmas in advance. Let the santa shower all the gifts from his stocking !

Ingredients for making edible Santa:

  • Strawberries - 6
  • Marsh mallow - plain white one - 3 
  • Chocolate melted little
  • Marsh mallow melted little


  • Wash strawberries and cut the base triangle for hat.
  • Place the base strawberry. Cut the marsh mallow into two and place it ont op of it. For the eyes, using a tooth pick touch the melted chocolate and keep it.
  • Place the triangle hat on top of it. Add the melted marsh mallow on top of the hat for the pom pom effect.

Take and munch the Santa !

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  1. Thats a cool idea.. Strawberry Santa looks nice.

  2. lovely cute santas , first time on your space and happy to follow you. visit me in your spare time.

    sara's tasty buds

  3. Excellent idea. Wonderful presentation.

    today's recipe:


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