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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rose bread pudding (eggless) - Christmas special

 Bread pudding was long time pending dish in my list. I managed to make it in this festive season. Pudding is one of the most important dish in christmas treat. I tried it out. You can use any flavours or fruits even. I am fond of rose so made it with rose flavor.


  • Bread - 5-6 slices
  • Milk - 1/2 cup(needed to soak the bread)
  • Sugar required - 4 -5 tsp
  • Rose syrup - 2 tsp


  • As i wanted to show variation in the pudding's layer , I used plain bread and bread with rose.
  • Take two vessels . add more milk and sugar  accordingly in one vessel. Add four slices. Smash it nicely.

  • Take another vessel add little milk and sugar add 1 tsp of rose syrup. Mix it. Add the remaining two slices.Smash this as well.

  • Take the vessel in which you are going to set the pudding. add the remaining rose syrup and spread it on the base of the vessel. Add the plain bread mixture on top of it. Add the rose bread mixture on top of it.

  •  Cover it with Aluminium foil and cover the vessel. Put some holes for the steam to pass.

  •  Steam it in cooker wothout whistle for 20-25 mins.
  • Allow it to cool down and refrigerate it for two hrs for the pudding to set.
  • Take it and cut it into desired shapes and enjoy.

Relish it !

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  1. yummy pudding dear... love the rose flavor always...

  2. really so colorful and i loved it.

  3. love the color and it looks so perfect and so tempting... am so drooling here!! Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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